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The latest build of the house - though we are always working on one - this BMW K75 is another example of our philosophy: Unique motorcycles with simple lines and a tight budget.


In this case, the customer was looking for a "techno-look-a-like" motorcycle, but with a retro platform, very rideable for both, pilot and passenger but with unmistakably personal and crude lines.


Starting from a K75 C, the simplest body version of all of them, the bike showed in its complete nudity one of the drawbacks of this platform: the chassis drops in the back leaving pretty ugly lines in sight. Hence their traditional plastics that cover the mess and give the bike its original shape, especially in the back.


To correct this effect in the nude bike, we opted to drop the front fork generously, while eliminating the famous "brick" of watches, the huge headlight, and the bulky turn signals. A round headlight and a small multifunction watch replace the original paraphernalia, lightening the bike to the extreme.


On the back, a new custom subframe, two longitudinal crossbeams, and a longer shock absorber end up giving it that desired horizontal line. To not exaggerate the plate holder and still achieve the legal inclination of it, we chose to lengthen the back curve of the V-shaped subframe, avoiding a "big ass" shape in the rear without lengthening too much the holder. The lightness of the rear is complemented by a street legal strip LED brake light and some indicators that combine the signaling function with that of the position and braking light. Safety and visibility first.


The Akrapovic style exhaust, carbon finish, provides a more sporty image while giving it a technological aspect of the customer requirements. The side key under the tank allows to keep the driver's seat visually clean and some aluminum handlebars with aluminum grips to match the raw brushed aluminum tank, give the final shot of rudeness, elegance and functionality to a motorcycle without age of retirement.

BMW K75 IG-0171
BMW K75 IG-0164
BMW K75 IG-0172
BMW K75 IG-0109
BMW K75 IG-0138
BMW K75 IG-0136
BMW K75 IG-0134
BMW K75 IG-0097
BMW K75 IG-0146
BMW K75 IG-0115
BMW K75 IG-0112
BMW K75 IG-0113
BMW K75 IG-0104
BMW K75 IG-0150
BMW K75 IG-0157
BMW K75 IG-0183
BMW K75 IG-0187
BMW K75 IG-0152
BMW K75 IG-0185

If you liked any of our projects and you wonder how much it may cost or you are interested in some of our ideas for your motorcycle, do not hesitate to let us know.


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