Kymko Zing 125 Bobber

Latest build of the shop - though we are always working on one - this little Kymko Zing 125 is another example of our philosophy: Unique motorcycles with simple lines and tight budget.

In this case, the customer does not have A1 License to drive bigger motorcycles, nor does he want to spend time and money to obtain it. However, he also did not want to give up having a unique scoot, matching his artistic aesthetic and at the same time being reliable, light and cheap to move quickly through Madrid and sometimes taking his partner on board. All within a "naturally" tight budget.

Less common than it might seem, the customer had very clear ideas of the bike that he was looking for stylistically: an old school  bobber, "rat" look, solo seat, sissy bar and small seat for the occasional passenger, that will not happen unnoticed.

The challenge was to achieve it with a seemingly modest donor bike like that Kymko Zing.

However, once peeled off the oversized plastics, the huge tank, headlight, speedo, signals etc. the small Kymko lets glimpse some almost perfect lines for an old school chopper build: tubed frame with central spine, narrow shoulders, compact engine and exhaust manifold with an almost ideal curve.

The first thing was to decide the tires. The rear 14" rim does not leave many options, but we got a replica of the famous Firestone Classic in the appropriate measures and for the front tyre a nice Heidenau also classic that balanced the whole set.

Next was to drop front fork a good amount of centimeters to give horizontality to the bike. Cutting springs, with a little more preload - as they are very soft in stock - and more dense fork oil .

With the new geometry, we cut the rear subframe, leaving it just at springs joint. The sissy bar and the rear fender had to be fixed in solidarity to the rear swingarm so that they could support the weight of the passenger. The driver's seat was made to measure in sheet metal and anchored directly to the chassis.

The huge original tank was replaced by a narrower and more appropriate to the new line of the motorcycle Rieju TT. We left the original blows and rust to give the "rat" finish that the customer was looking for. Both parts - rear fender and tank - were cleared with antirust clear coat to preserve its raw metal state.

The handlebar is now a BMW K75 stock one painted in black like the trees, front fork bottles and engine. The headlight is an old Chevrolet replica and the tail light a magnificent motone in cast aluminum, as well with a classic cut.

Finally, the usual turn signals, some scrambler footrests for the passenger and aluminum ones for the driver complete the "minor" aesthetic changes.

The upholstered seat and block in leather and the heat tape of the trimmed exhaust (with internal dBKiller) add a touch of color to the metal/black patten of the motorbike set.

A motorcycle for a daily use with the unique personality of its owner.


If you liked any of our projects and you wonder how much it may cost or you are interested in some of our ideas for your motorcycle, do not hesitate to let us know.