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Leonar Bobber 350i Zero Bobber

The image that shocked everything was a scene of the Spanish TV show called Street Travelers, where Brad Pitt was riding a Zero Engineering motorcycle built by Shinya Kimura. Having a similar motorcycle without spending the huge amount of money that currently costs one of them - no longer manufactured by Master Kimura - was the trigger for what is now The Foundry MotorCycles.


If the first Daytona 350i Bola 3 approached a lot with its thick front wheel and its horizontal line, the rigid chassis was the detail that was missing there. The sister model, the Bobber, made his appearance, which serves as the basis for this preparation.


With the same 350cc injection engine, the rigid chassis has a very different behavior in the Bobber. Obviously, you lose comfort and its homologation just for a single passenger limits its daily use. But his naked image is unrivaled and his driving is simply radical.


To give it the Zero effect, the suspension bars of a Daytona was fitted. Their wider trees allow placing the familiar rear wheel with a thick front tire. The original front end is too narrow for that.


The front fork rebuild is identical to that of the Daytona 350i Ball 3 including handles and clock. The Firestone Classic tires, with their high profile and characteristic design, complete the Zero look that was sought after. The tank, painted in House of Colors candy lack, was moved towards the handlebar and placed parallel to the central spine of the tubular chassis.


The original hydraulic spring seat was replaced by a Bates seat with aged leather imported from the USA, with an unpayable vintage look. On the back, a classic 7Metal Works aluminum mudguard adapted with a small handmade sissy bar. The air filter, of automotive origin, is K & N. The handmade exhaust and back footrest complete the transformation to make the driving position more comfortable, though still very radical. Full street legal with the exception of the exhaust, the Bobber 350i Zero Bobber flies very low and draws attention wherever it goes.

Leonart Bobber 350i Zero Bobber
Leonart Bobber 350i Zero Bobber
Leonart Bobber 350i Zero Bobber
Leonart Bobber 350i Zero Bobber

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