Leonart Daytona 350i Bola 3

The beginning of this trip was this beautiful Leonart Daytona 350i, completely modified in a small space between my car and the wall of the parking lot of my former home in Barcelona. The car served as an improvised workshop cabinet at that time and the place to store tools, bolts, nuts, and motorcycle parts.


The donor bike is very graceful despite the bad reputation of the brand. The materials are of quality, sometimes excessive, although it is true that the assembly and screws do not reach the quality status of more recognized brands. But as from the beginning I bought it to rebuild it, I did not care very much.


The transformation itself has infinite details. The tank was front lowered, and a new ignition key had to be replaced. The front rim, which is the same as the rear one, can only carry one disc brake, so one of the brake lines of the stock double front brake disc had to be canceled. The front mudguard supports were removed and the rim hole corresponding to the transmission was capped with a custom made plastic cover. The seat was bought in the USA and actual quality and finishes can be appreciated just in life.


The false oil tank was made of PVC and contains all the electronics. The rear fender is from Gasbox, a well known American builder, adapted to the rear suspension so that it moves in solidarity with it and allows to put the fender very close on the tire.


Finally, handcrafted stainless exhaust tips that contain dBKiller are at the end of the handmade exhaust pipes.


The name takes it from Ball 3 of the American Pool, which is red with the number on a white background.


A motorcycle that, like first love, left an indelible mark on me and also has been imitated by several owners of Leonart / Regal-Raptor in the world.


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