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Custom builds

Whether it's an idea you have in mind, or one of the custom bikes you've seen online, we can make it happen. Advise you on what you can do and recommend on what is not and how to adjust it to your particular budget. And after that go to the homologation process to save the changes already made to finally achieve a unique but 100% street legal motorcycle.

End of project and Homologation

Did you started your own build but do not have time to finish it? We can help you with the last rush and finish it in a tight deadline. We can also manage the homologation process and accommodate your motorcycle to be able to pass it without issues if any of the modifications does not conform to the law.


From budgeting to ideas, options, homologation criteria, and any doubt that you can think of, we can talk about while having a coffee cup on our premises.


Many of our projects are for sale. If you like them and are interested in purchase them, do not hesitate to test them and check the conditions of sale.

Custom Paint

Probably the most visual and spectacular part of a build. If you are looking for a quality finish that fits your budget, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

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