Triumph SpeedBobber

This 2005 SpeedMaster is, once again, a comissioned bike that step by step has become a more personal project.

As on many occasions, the customer comes to us with an idea. This time not only in his head but with previous designs and even with many of the parts to be replaced.

At what point do you stop being a mere executor and bring your vision to the project? When the design details force you to look for solutions to be able to offer the customer his dream bike.

One of our claims is to help others get the bike of their dreams. In the case of this SpeedMaster 900, the bike came in very bad condition because of a crash. Both the front end and the wheels, the rear swingarm, the anchors, exhaust and tank were badly damaged to recover them. So except the rims, which were rectified, the rest was replaced by original parts that the customer himself contributed.

The tank comes from a Harley Davidson Sportster Custom and the tunnel fits perfectly with the square section chassis of the SpeedMaster.

From the moment we started to put all the pieces together it was necessary to adjust certain details to give fluidity to the whole set: we lowered the front suspension 8 cm and lifted the rear part of the tank another 2cm so that the line of the motorcycle was as horizontal possible, which can be seen in the mufflers that run parallel to the ground. In addition, the new Burly shock absorbers for Harley Davidson lowered the height of the bike by another 4 cm. This really makes it a Low Rider.

In the rectified aluminum rims we put Heidenau K65 tires, the fat rear one in line with the custom feel of the bike.

For the rear fender, an aftermarket one was modified in order to anchor it to the rear swingarm, and very close to the tire.

The bobber line is completed with the original seat of the Triumph Bobber.

For the painting, something discreet and elegant mixing a BMW metallic brown with a black background in tank and rear fender. The wheels and front suspensión bars were painted in glossy black epoxy.

Finally, a new, smaller, rounder headlight with angel eye, new almost invisible Motogadget M-Blaze LED turn signals, and a Bates LED tail light complete the custom look of this SpeedMaster, reborn SpeedBobber, along with the wide bullhorn handlebar.

New life and new style for this stately bike.


If you liked any of our projects and you wonder how much it may cost or you are interested in some of our ideas for your motorcycle, do not hesitate to let us know.