Yamaha MT 07 Tracker Fiberglass Kit

Most of the times, the most tough and complex work is not revealed in the final result. It's said that the devil is in the details and sometimes most of the effort is focussed on them. Such is the case of the Yamaha MT 07 that we show.

Without being an actual transformation or build, the main challenge on this bike was to give it a Tracker look without touching the original chassis at all. Keeping the entire frame intact and taking advantage of the whole bunch of holders and screws to support the new "body" ended with a lot of hours of study and analysis. The idea was to give a more horizontal line to the bike, a neo-retro look without giving up the original forms. For this purpose, we use fiberglass that conveniently molded gives us the ability to sculpt any shape no matter complexity, without giving up the stiffness and lightness that suits for a motorcycle.

The first was to support the new seat/cowl over steel square tube crosspieces anchored in the frame. By slightly cutting the plastics that cover the fuel tank, we eliminated the line that widens the back and gave a wasp waist to the rear set. Now the bike is, from behind, very narrow compared to the stock "paella" shape.

The frame is really narrow but with an upward "Street Fighter like" line very clear, with the new tail just until the end of the frame "flattens" the rear line to give it a more classic look.

A custom seat completes the rear set leaving it in a much more slender and minimalist format.

For the front, a two headligts mask with ellipsoidal lenses and minimalist flashers from Motogadget.

The final touch is given by the side number plates, made of fiberglass too and, like the front mask, 3M Di Noc glass fiber vinyl on top.

A restyling apparently simple but with enough complication just to avoid touching anything on the original structure.

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