Yamaha XJ600 Cafe Racer

Taking a 1985 Yamaha XJ600 as a donor, this Cafe Racer is a compact motorcycle, with minimalist lines that can't be unnoticed despite its small size.


The transformation has been tailor-made following a digital render of the renowned Portuguese designer Nuno Capello, of Capello's Garage.


The bike was completely disassembled to go over the chassis and fully paint it, as well as the engine. To achieve current shape we had to shorten the front suspension bars and fill them with a denser fork oil to improve their stiffness. The air intake system has also been replaced by the well-known cone power filters and the original exhaust has been replaced by a 4-in-1 collector line where we install an awesome double muffler with a brushed finish. Shortening the rear chassis does not meant we have to lose the double seat that is delivered together with the "monoposto" cowl made to measure of fiberglass for this motorcycle.


But the final touch is given by the Honda CB750 SuperSport original fuel tank. A rather unusual model in Europe that has been completely updated for this bike. The exclusive oval and curved lateral number plates have been made of fiberglass as well. Fehling clip-ons, Motogadget LED turn indicators and mechanical MMB mini-speedo, fulfill the complete restyling of this Sports jewel of the 80s, with only 44,000Km.


Finally, metallic paint in the tank and solid paint in the cowl and number plates, all finished with a silky matte lack, gives to this motorcycle that minimalist and timeless look.


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