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Triumph SpeedMaster Orca

It is quite obvious that many of our works are inspired by previous achievements and this SpeedMaster is no exception. Our SpeedMaster reborn SpeedBobber was made a long time before and thus the customer was able to see how it can evolve from a conventional motorcycle to a unique one. Once again, a custom motorcycle that step by step was evolving into a more personal project due in part because of the times in which it was conceived and built.

This time, the customer came to us with a clear idea based on the aforementioned SpeedBobber. However, neither he nor we were interested in repeating the same solutions - we would no longer speak of a unique motorcycle therefore - and at some point the client and the motorcycle itself closed certain decisions for us. This was the EFI model and not the carb, like the Speed ​​Bobber. In addition, the client wanted to keep the original fuel tank, removing the central desk with the clock and gauges. Other requirements were to change the stock wheels for the same model that the SpeedBobber has, as well as some finishing details such as golden touches here and there, turn indicators integrated in the handlebar, clear of the stock switches and replace them by push buttons and shorter exhausts.


From the very beguinning, our first idea was not to repeat a bike like the SpeedBobber with today's requirements. And while we were thinking about it and waiting for the necessary parts, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences came on the one hand - confinements, mandatory closure for weeks - and on the other hand the diagnosis that both my parents had cancer - pancreatic in the case of my father and colon in that of my mother. All this added up, made the project take forever long compared to the usual deadlines. However, it was on one of my AVE trips to Barcelona to see my hospitalized parents when playing with the iPad I came up with the design for this motorcycle that would meet all the requirements. And from there is the motorcycle that you see in the photographs. A Cruiser with totally original and unique Dragster lines, which reflects in its sinuous curves the silhouette of an orca, a whale that is considered the marine equivalent of the terrestrial wolf and with which the customer feels very identified. In fact, the gold painted logo on the clutch cover was provided by him. With his approval, we got down to work in every moment in which the circumstances allowed us to do it.

The tail/seat was made to measure in fiberglass and integrates the LED strip for the brake/position lights. The seat was also made to measure by renowned craftsman Senen LeatherWorks in two-tone brown suede. The wheels were painted black and fitted with two very Cruiser-sized Maxxis, the rear with a white band so that the bike would not look too "black" all over, a very predominant color that in our opinion needed a certain contrast.

For the exhausts we chose to adapt ones from Tamarit Motorcycles, a Triumph specialist which does not touch the SpeedMaster model in its productions. The exhausts are made for a Bonneville and had to be trimmed as they where manufactured as a one piece, mufflers and manifolds. We opted to keep the stock manifolds with the lambda sockets and cut the mufflers by making some connectors and new brackets in stainless steel since the original ones did not fit the SpeedMaster frame.

The idea is that removing them and putting the originals to pass the ITV is as simple as possible and that the user himself can carry out this operation when necessary.

​LED headlamp, fork gaiters combined with bespoke liners, all painted black, shortened front fender and painted black brake discs rotors, complete the front end with two minimalist mirrors and Renthal UltraLow ​​handlebars. Gold painted risers next to MMB's 45mm black odometer, possibly the smallest analog looking odometer on the market. The keyless Motogadget M lock unit completes the electrical section of this motorcycle.

In the rear section, a license plate bracket was fabricated to be installed in the rear swingarm and that integrates the Motogadget LED turn signals and the license plate light, in the look for to give these elements the minimum visual presence. Same with the new golden transmission chain wich is also visible without making the rider too dirty. Then the original chain cover has been chopped as much as possible. In a "passionate" hit, the customer wanted to change the rear shock absorbers for some fabulous Hagon Nitro with integrated tank that have just rounded off the sport line of a classic motorcycle.


In the fuel tank, the hole left by the center desk was covered and the original cap was changed for a compatible Motone in black anodized aluminum.

Regarding the paint job, the look of the StreetBobber has remained as a "house brand look" leaving an aggressive motorcycle in forms, flow, classy and stately at the same time. Impossible to go unnoticed.

Speedmaster Orca-14
Speedmaster Orca-3
Speedmaster Orca-2
Speedmaster Orca-9
Speedmaster Orca-10
Speedmaster Orca-24
Speedmaster Orca-25
Speedmaster Orca-16
Speedmaster Orca-17
Speedmaster Orca-22
Speedmaster Orca-20
Speedmaster Orca-27
Speedmaster Orca-28

If you liked any of our projects and you wonder how much it may cost or you are interested in some of our ideas for your motorcycle, do not hesitate to let us know.


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