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Yamaha XJ600 Diversion Restomod

There is a lineage of iconic and legendary motorcycles, such as the Suzuki GSXR of the 80s, the Honda CBR900R of the 90s or the Yamaha R1, motorcycles that in their day represented a qualitative leap compared to what existed at that time. Others have become legendary by recovering them from their ostracism to recognize their worth and contribution to the world of motorcycles, such as the BMR R of the 20th century, vilified in their day and today an object of desire for many.


There is, on the contrary, a breed of motorcycles that are undervalued by the market and yet have turned out for many to be a model that has left its mark on their lives. This is the case - in our opinion - of the motorcycle that we bring you today: the Yamaha XJ600 Diversion. a motorcycle that, as its name indicates, is fun to ride, economical in consumption and maintenance, indestructible engine, simple in its technology and that has given its owners a lot of joy since it came out. A motorcycle without great pretensions but with more than acceptable power for everyday use and sporadic outings, although with a somewhat bland line and with dynamic elements that do not incite any type of "madness". A motorcycle that very few consider as a basis for any project, be it Cafe Racer or any other type.


That is perhaps why its market value is very low and in our eyes a candidate firm to make something of interest without destroying a bank account.


Some time ago we started a project with this base, the result of which we hope to see soon on our website, but when we had a couple of motorcycles for it we realized the great potential of this motorcycle to make it more attractive without losing a bit of usefulness and pragmatism. . So while a more radical transformation evolves, we went to the trouble of making a restomod and updating it with as many elements as possible on a tight budget.


The bike you see in the photos is a '99 XJ600, with double front brake discs and slightly thicker bars than its previous versions. All in all, the front suspension is a sponge and the first thing was to stiffen it with Hagon progressive springs. We also took the opportunity to lower it a few cm from the front and give it a more aggressive appearance when driving.


Next, we got our hands on the also weak rear axle, adapting a YZF 1000 R swingarm, with a 17" wheel and a 180 width tire, 5cm thicker than the original 130. Along with a custom Hagon monoshock absorber The change in the motorcycle's gait is radical and with it running it makes you want to take on the curves without any "dance." The handlebars were also changed for a flatter one with Street Fighter sensations.


Finally, we chose to adapt an old exhaust from its previous relative, the XJ600, signed by MARVING to the four stock collectors. With this we achieve a deeper sound without falling into the roar of the exhausts almost free of some transformations.


We also look for something different in the painting. The fact that the production motorcycles had a chassis and body of the same color, without any decoration, made them especially boring to look at. Without changing the concept, we chose a different color for the chassis and a metallic maroon for the rest of the fibers and tank.


​We love the result, both functionally and visually. And you?

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