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Bunker Trike in a Bobber format

Frequently, the media that are kind and interested in approaching our work ask us if we are specialized in a certain style or type of motorcycle. The answer is inherent in our definition of Author Bikes. As anyone can read in our Bio, we believe that any motorcycle can be special and reflect the owner's personality.

In this particular case, we cannot even call it an orthodox motorcycle, since it is a tricycle. By itself, it shows a declaration of intent about what's the owner idea about of mobility.

As anyone can  see from the last caption in the photo carousel, the trike that came in our workshop had a clear history of flaming fringes and skulls, a demonic style seen in many choppers and custom typical of motorcycle clans.

The idea of the current owner was to give it a much cleaner bobber touch, cut off the most of the paraphernalia and oversized protections and lighten as much as possible both line and actual suspended weight. This tricycle was built originaly by Bunker with a simple but robust 250cc Yamaha Virago engine that appreciates every kilo that can be taken from an already heavy structure.

Since the customer loved our work with the Triumph Speedmaster SpeedBobber, we had no hesitation in maintaining the color code in the body paint as well as the seat coming from the Triumph Bobber.

Regarding the work itself, the huge rear wings (fender) were chopped, the heavy structure of the rear protection bars was removed and the frame was cut lengthwise, installing a toothpick aluminum grill that supports both for the leather carrying case and the occasional companion seat. Both pieces are conveniently bolted to the new welded subframe. For the passenger, the bulky footrest platforms were removed and a much more compact folding motorcycle-style footrests were adapted.

A new subframe was also built for the seat, were springs sole purpose is decorative. Underneath, an aluminum sheet cover protects the electrical part of the view and of the weather. The collectors received black heat tape to accentuate the overall "Old School" look.

Front end, the huge and long springer fork was painted black as well as some covers of the engine and new and minimalist indicators from Motogadget were mounted with a new headlight. Finally, a Frisco-style handlebar much higher (without becoming a hang-up) ends up closing the aspect of this trike that is impossible to go unnoticed. At the bar ends, Biltwell chocolate grips matching the seat and minimalist but effective rear-view mirrors.

In addition the rear optical group, coming from a Suzuki Intruder 800 and the front mudguard cut from stock one and painted in matte black. The stock car wheels were finished also in matte black as well as the front rim to combine the paint section.

As always, the best to consider for us is the customer satisfaction who has a new trike that impresses anyone who sees it without breaking the bank. As a side comment, the Crane's driver who deliver the bike asked the owner to take a photo of himself on it. A declaration of principles as we said.

CONTACT with us

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