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About Us

My name is Carlos Ormazabal

And for more than 19 years I worked for Nikon in Spain, the last years dedicated to the NPS or Nikon Professional Service. Travel, international events such as Olympics and World Cups were my daily basis during those years. But my fondness for motorcycles goes back to my pre-adolescent days.


Like many others, at the age of 15 and growing up in a modest family, I saw motorcycles like the Cow Boys horses of the western American films: the saddle of the lonesome hero, the self-made man who can to face any challenge or danger.


Over the time I owned many of them: my first Vespino, with which I traveled everywhere (without a helmet, what a danger) and with which I ride many proximity trips around Barcelona. After that it came many more - Vespa Primavera, Cagiva Blues, BMW K75, Suzuki SV650, BMW R1150R, etc., etc. - always with that naive individualistic spirit.

What I did not realize at that time was that each and every one of those bikes underwent more or less deep modifications. I never liked stock bikes. The point of uniqueness was always present in my relationship with motorcycles.

Everything took an unexpected turn after seeing a chapter of Street Travelers, a very popular Spanish TV show. They were in Los Angeles and suddenly, standing at a traffic light, they discovered Brad Pitt driving a motorcycle. While they were hallucinating with the famous actor, I could not stop admiring the motorcycle that he was driving, wide eyes open. She was incredibly beautiful and although I was familiar with bikes I could not recognize what model it was. The next few days were spent in a frantic search for that bike. Finally, I discovered that it was a Zero built by the Master Shinya Kimura.


Obviously, I did not have the money to buy one of those beauties, but that was not going to be an obstacle for me. I was committed to having a similar motorcycle: even if I had to build it by myself.


And that's how it all started ...


In our beginnings, back in 2011, The Foundry MotorCycles was a small group of colleagues who met with their modest Leonart home builds to talk about motorcycles, custom, fashion, technology, fitness and anything that came to mind. Over the time, that group was disintegrating, but some of us never forget the world of the custom motorcycles.

Today, we are a small Workshop / Atelier exclusively focused on custom motorcycles in Madrid.

Our goal in each project is to achieve the difficult balance between a unique and personal motorcycle, that never goes unnoticed, within the legal margins and affordable for a large majority of motorcycle enthusiasts.

We try not to enter into complex and expensive industrial processes. Stuck in the tradition of the handmade craftsmanship, we pursue the highest quality in everything we do. Anyway, simplicity is our main target for each project, using original parts as much as possible and look for the shape with the proper function of each motorcycle to get a unique build for every single customer. An Author's motorbike.


If you own a motorcycle that says nothing and you want to turn it into something unique and special without leaving all your savings on the way, we are your perfect partner.

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